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Where expertise meets innovation in the automotive reconditioning and repair industry


Provide a platform for subject-matter experts to bring their knowledge to technicians, and promote brands using the latest innovations in technology within the automotive industry.


Our mission is to transform the way the automotive industry educates technicians. AAI is committed to providing the highest quality online and in-person appearance training in the automotive industry.

Our Story

AAI was born in 2020 after seeing that there was a need for online video and virtual training in the automotive industry, our institute was formed to help bring co-owner Gene Fetty’s unique teaching style blended with the latest technology in video production to the masses.

What We Do

Training Programs

Starting in the Glue Pull Repair space, we are creating courses that go deeper into the process than any other training program available today.

Expert Collaboration

The biggest hurdles for subject matter experts (SME) in bringing their knowledge to the world is producing the content and hosting/ selling the course. We partner with SMEs and handle all of the heavy technical lifting for them.

Media Production Services

Our production department is capable of producing training and promotional video, studio-quality still photos, brand content and control, social media templates, and much much more.

Spokesperson Services

Getting in front of the camera can be a daunting ask for a lot of people. Gene Fetty is our resident spokesperson and will help deliver your information with the tone and energy level that best represents your brand.


We are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of media content production, and are forever honing the craft of the highest level of education techniques possible.


From customer interaction, to teaching styles, production techniques, and brand building, we are always focused on delivering the most relevant information in the easiest way to understand as possible while always being driven to work hard and honestly for our students, partners, and brands.


“I know a lot about glue and procedures, having trained for CamAuto, KECO, and Anson. If you want to geek out and learn everything that goes along with Glue Pull Repair, you should check out the GPR Masterclass.”

-Steven Dike I Anson PDR Collision Glue Pull Specialist

I can take what I learned in this one week and start applying it right away. I’ll make that money back I invested in a very, very short amount of time with what I learned.

-Kevin Weiss I Kelowna,
British Columbia Canada

At first, I was reluctant but then I went ahead and did it and I couldn’t be happier with the way the class was run. I really learned a lot. Bad habits got erased. Hopefully, I can level up my PDR game! Whether you are a year-old tech or a 30-year tech, this is a class for you.

-Charlie Shane I Pittsburgh, PA

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Whether you are looking to learn from one of our courses, partner with us to bring your knowledge to the world, or help push your brand to its next level, we are here for you and ready to help!
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