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I spent several years working for a large GPR manufacturer and over the years I’ve spoken with tons of distributors. Their number one hurdle to get shops to adopt glue pulling was that there was no reasonably affordable training solution. Before The GPR Masterclass, your training options were:

  • Zoom Calls
  • Out-of-state group training events
  • In-person private shop training 

These either weren’t enough training or were relatively expensive with little to no margins for the distributors to make money.

When technicians lack proper training, especially in GPR, this leads to a lack of adoption by technicians. As a result, they don’t buy new tools or supplies regularly. The worst outcome is that they may end up getting buyers remorse on systems and tools that they have already purchased.

Additionally, over my years with the prominent GPR company, we observed that the shops who invested in high-quality training were the most enthusiastic adopters and purchasers of GPR equipment. An educated customer is the best customer!

Our GPR Masterclass is the most thorough training for Glue Pull Repair available anywhere today. Unlike in-person single-day trainings, the GPR Masterclass is done completely online, by each technician, at their own pace, and… every student is given lifetime access to the course and all future updates.

Why Sell with Us?

Grow your Revenue Streams

Selling AAI courses provides you with an additional source of revenue, potentially increasing overall sales and profitability.

Increase Your Offerings

Broaden your product selection to potentially draw in new customers and differentiate yourself from competitors by providing comprehensive solutions that include both products and educational resources.

Align with Market Trends

As online learning continues to gain traction in this industry, offering AAI courses demonstrates that you are keeping pace with current market trends and meet evolving customer needs.

Exclusive Access

Increase your customer loyalty and capitalize on new courses by being the sole providers in their market. This can result in higher sales volumes and increased revenue opportunities.

Courses Available To Sell

Here are our current trainings that we have available to sell.

GPR Masterclass

This course, led by expert Gene Fetty, provides over 13 hours of content and 7 hours of live demonstrations to elevate dent repair skills to a professional level. From beginner to seasoned pro, participants learn insider techniques for flawless automotive restoration, focusing on mastering glue pull repair.

Cold Glue

Our online cold glue course teaches students the art and science of using cold glue for paintless dent repair. It provides detailed tutorials and hands-on demonstrations for learning cutting-edge techniques. Students gain proficiency in addressing various dents precisely and efficiently, all from their own workspace.

Lateral Tension

This course offers a systematic approach to mastering a specialized dent repair technique that preserves paint finishes- Lateral Tension. Students receive guidance and practical exercises, empowering them to acquire valuable paintless dent repair skills remotely and at their own pace.

Combo Course

This course provides an in-depth exploration of advanced GPR techniques, blending lateral tension precision with the effectiveness of cold glue applications. Students will acquire practical skills and strategic insights to enhance their paintless dent repair capabilities.

Client Testimonials

"I was GLUED to my screen for a bunch of it... I really like it!"
Stefan Esche (Body shop Content Creator)
“I watched the Cold Glue videos until 1 am last night when I absolutely had to shut it off and get some sleep. So far I've learned more than what I paid and the videos were fantastic."
greg Brehmer (Brehmer Collision)
“I know a lot about glue and procedures, having trained for CamAuto, KECO, and Anson. If you want to geek out and learn everything that goes along with Glue Pull Repair, you should check out the GPR Masterclass.”
Steven Dyke (Anson PDR collision glue Pull Specialist)

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