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We built The Automotive Appearance Institute to help bring world class training to the appearance industry, to help subject matter experts bring their knowledge to the world, and help companies create content to promote their products and brands!


Level up your skills

Our PDR courses are designed for technicians who know how to push a dent but want to take their skills to the next level. This class is limited to very small group of only 4 people so that attendees can get the best out of it. A lot of 1 on 1 hands of training AND skills demonstration with Gene and Zan, makes this one of the best advanced courses out there!


What you'll learn

  • Glue pulling processes for strong effective pulls every single time
  • Blending techniques to soften up damage and smooth out your finishes
  • Cold Glue- When, why, and how, as well as when NOT to cold glue
  • Starting your larger damage cleaner to finish out faster and cleaner
  • Advanced finishing techniques for the highest level repairs
  • How to use the Power PDR box to shrink stretched metal
  • Marketing tactics to drive more and better leads to your business
  • Estimating and selling PDR services at a high level

How we can help

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Our Courses

Price: $150
Starting Day: 12.08.2021
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