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Cold Glue

Our online cold glue course captivates students in the art and science of utilizing cold glue for paintless dent repair, offering a convenient platform to learn cutting-edge techniques. Through detailed tutorials and hands-on demonstrations, students gain proficiency in leveraging cold glue to tackle a wide range of dents with precision and efficiency, all from the convenience of their own workspace.

Lateral Tension

A systematic exploration of this specialized dent repair technique, empowering students to master the art of manipulating metal without harming the paint finish. The course provides step-by-step guidance and practical exercises, enabling students to acquire valuable skills in paintless dent repair remotely, at their own pace.

Combo Course

A comprehensive deep dive into advanced GPR techniques, combining the precision of lateral tension with the effectiveness of cold glue applications. Students will gain practical skills and strategic insights to elevate their paintless dent repair capabilities.

Free Courses

Fundamentals of Glue Pulling

Gene Fetty delivered a comprehensive talk at MTE on the fundamentals of glue pulling, emphasizing its core principles and techniques for paintless dent repair. Through a blend of theory and practical insights, attendees gained a deep understanding of how to effectively utilize glue pulling methods to achieve seamless automotive restoration.

Advanced Glue

Fetty delves into intricate strategies and cutting-edge tools for tackling challenging dents with precision and efficiency. Attendees received invaluable insights into complex dent repair techniques, elevating their expertise in the art of paintless dent removal to new heights.

Shop Owners’ Round Table

A dynamic forum led by Matt Moore, Coach Corey K, Chris Ray, and Gene Fetty. Where seasoned expertise intersected with innovative business strategies. Attendees gained invaluable insights into optimizing operations, fostering customer relations, and navigating the evolving landscape of the automotive repair industry, empowering shop owners to thrive in a competitive market.

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